A flexible modular construction system based on proprietary connectors and a compatible system of prefabricated panels and modules that facilitate the rapid construction of buildings.

Assembling our future

sustainable Manufacturing

The RIG System was conceived with an asset light and agile manufacturing approach to fully maximize our existing production resources. This allows us to identify and incorporate the most sustainable and advanced materials. We constantly work with our partners to ensure that adapt their products to our system.

Simplicity and Speed

The RIG System was designed to be simple and assembled using familiar methods to reduce errors and increase productivity. We foresee an increase in speed by up to 70% for many installations7


Adhering to a simple design makes it easy to propagate and scale most of the components in infinite ways. Standardized dimensions also simplifies the verification for the purpose of ensuring integrity and stability.


The RIG System comes with a simple attachment system that allows easy access for reconfiguration, repairs and replacements to minimize waste and to provide an easy upgrade path. Even structural elements can be reconfigured and added if necessary without impacting the original structure.

The RIG System Comes In
3 Different Specifications
To Meet Different Needs.


Lightweight system for rapid deployment and removal. Ideal for temporary or short term structure because of the ease of handling.


Basic system with base finish with standardized configurations suitable for multi-unit dwellings.


Complete RIG system with fully customizable finishes and configurability. We leave it to your imagination.